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Bake It Till You Make It (2019)

Completed May 9th, 2019

20 min, Comedy

Plot – After losing his job, a workaholic dad must prove his worth to his family as a first-time father by helping his daughter win the school bake sale.

Directed by Peter E. VanLoo

Written by Peter E. VanLoo & Calina Salgado

Starring – Aion Boyd, Alexa T. Rhodes, Josh Goudy, Natalie Polisson, Kaitlin Doughty, and Andrew Davis II

Produced by Miku Seike

Cinematography by Ratanachai Surarith

Hear, Me (2018)

Premiered December 12th, 2018

15 min, Drama, Music

Plot – From a family full of music lovers, a girl who lost her hearing wants to get in touch with her voice again and seeks the guidance of a music professor, in order to bring together the familial bond that was once almost impossible to share.

Directed by Audine Camson

Written by Audine Camson & Ratanachai Surarith

Starring – Francesca Schofield , Erik Dabrowski , Michael Charles Westbrook , Jordan DeSantis , Ricky Schultz , and Laura Meadows

Produced by Peter E. VanLoo

Cinematography by Ratanachai Surarith

BaaaMaste: A Goat Yoga Documentary (2018)

Premiered November 6th, 2018

10 min, Documentary

Plot – Created in August 2016, Goat Yoga is a new twist on a ten millenia old tradition. In this documentary we explore the history,  benefits, and of course some of the goats behind this quirky new activity

Directed by Peter E. VanLoo

Produced by Miku Seike

Cinematography by Ratanachai Surarith

Fortune Cookie (2018)

Premiered August 23rd, 2018

11 min, Comedy

Plot – Robbie coaxes his skeptic friend Scott to accompany him to a fortune teller, but Robbie and Scott find that their predictions are not what they seem after they run into Miss Fortune.

Directed by Peter E. VanLoo

Written by Noe Sanchez & Peter E. VanLoo 

Starring – Jessica Beligni, Nico de Gallo, A.J. Newman, and Sammy Anderson

Produced by  Peter E. VanLoo (Executive), Diana Martinez , and Daniel Castro (Associate)

Altered Reality (2018)

Premiered August 16th, 2018

6 min, Sci-Fi

Plot – In a future dominated by VR a virus called the players plague is infecting players both in the game and real life, making them choose between the real world or their virtual one and all the memories that it holds.

Directed by Joseph Kee

Written by Peter E. VanLoo

Starring – David Edward Reyes, Jason Fay, Sho Ariji, Hannah Groll, and Carlene Olson

Produced by Krina Gajjar and Rakesh Naguri (Executive)

Production Manager – Peter E. VanLoo

Production Companies – Boomerang Studios and Redux Film Co (In Association with)

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