Z Cam Handbook Livestream Monday, May 18th, 3 PM PDT

This is going to be a test livestream to experiment with many of the Z Cam livestreaming features. My E2-F8 is connected to my computer with USB C (setup guide here) and my E2 is connected via Ethernet in Router mode (setup guide here). My normal desktop workstation is having problems, so I’m going to be streaming on my old editing rig. Some software is not up to date, so there might be technical difficulties. To read more about the hardware and software setup read below. Visit my digital business card for my social media links to be updated of future livestreams. Tip jar for a surprise on screen.

Main Cam – E2-F8

My main camera is a Z Cam E2-F8 connected to my computer with USB C set to network mode.

Canon 16 – 35mm F/2.8

Accessory List

Camera Settings

8k – 29.97 project fps – 16mm f/2.8 – 1/30 shutter – ISO 400 – White Balance Auto, priority ambiance – Manual focus – Rec. 709 – Contrast 55 – Saturation 58 – Firmware 0.94

2nd Cam – Z Cam E2

Lumix 14mm F/2.5

Accessory List

Camera Settings

4k 2.4:1 – 29.97 project fps – 14mm f/2.5 – 1/30 shutter – ISO 500 – White Balance Auto, priorty ambiance – Auto Focus, human tracking, high live CAF sensitivity – Rec. 709 – Contrast 55 – Saturation 58 – Firmware 0.95


OBS Studio

For Setup help with OBS, reference Jake Ratcliffe’s video on CVP

OBS SSP Plugin

This allows OBS to receive an SSP feed from Z Cams. To see install instructions and setup walkthrough click here.

I use this software to stream to multiple places at once. In this livestream I’ll be testing out Facebook profile, YouTube, and twitch multi-streaming. Restream Chat is also embedded into my stream to allow chats from any stream to pop up on screen.

Desktop Hardware

Since this is my old system with a temporary boot drive thrown into it, the SSD is the only part I would recommend buying. For reference my workstation & streaming PC (once I get it working) parts list is below.

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